ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Shortcomings

logoERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) shortcomings

ERP systems allow the enterprise to automate and control each process. However, enterprise wide value chains span multiple processes and even systems. They also interact with people. Therefore, an ERP system



  • Control itself, knowing when it is failing or making mistakes.
  • Oversee more than one process at a time (there are attempts to create cross reference checks by some ERP providers, that provide very limited capabilities)
  • Start the process from the middle, all workflow must have a beginning point.

Capability to “follow the money” in real time

An enterprise comprises of multiple locations, systems, processes and people. If one of these entities starts an enterprise wide value chain, like “order to cash”, it may touch several locations and multiple systems etc. It is impossible to follow each deal, from the beginning to the end, in real time. Therefore, enterprise CANNOT:

  • Identify an issue before it has been covered up by an insider or a cyber attacker.
  • Stop a major system error before a negative effect on a large number of customers.
  • Prevent “fat fingering” catastrophic errors.
  • Stop insider fraud and cyber attacks.



We offer a new technology, based on a real time watchdog engine. It is capable of following the data across multiple locations, systems, processes and users. Therefore we CAN:

  • Prevent money from leaking out of customer, supplier and payroll related value chains.
  • Identify data issues that were caused by user error, system error, insider fraud or cyber attacker.
  • Notify the appropriate business contact, in real time, in order to prevent any damages.